Choosing An Essay Topic: Your Content-Worthy Life

So I’m reading one of my favorite blogs this morning, written by Jonathan Fields, author, entrepreneur, and professional speaker, and his post just happens to be dead-on related to what I’ve been trying to share recently with a few students in my orbit.

You know, the ones who are struggling with topic selection for their essays.  The ones who say,  “but I don’t know what to write about.”   Or, “nothing important has happened to me.” Or, “I haven’t rescued a child from a burning building or scaled Annapurna or overcome disease/poverty/death’s door,” etc.  You get the idea.

Well, I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to have done any of those things to write a killer essay. Your topic doesn’t have to be exotic or dramatic or life-shatteringly memorable.  It can be about a small moment in time. Something usual, even, as long as it’s something deeply meaningful to you.

It can be about something that changed your perspective, or taught you an important lesson.  And there are many of these moments in each person’s life.  Even if you are a high school sophomore/junior/senior. 

Trust me, important things have happened to you.

And although Jonathan Field’s blog post (linked below) is an adult’s perspective on finding topics to write about, his premise is useful for those of you struggling with your college application essay topic:  you have a content-worthy life, and there is stuff in it you can mine for a kick-a** essay.

Check out Jonathan Fields’ blog post here.


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