Hi, my name is Kimberly Houston.

I started this blog to help those struggling with one of the most important and daunting tasks of their high school career — writing the college application essay.

What qualifies me to do this?

When I was crafting my undergraduate college application essays and my personal statements for graduate school admissions, I did research, read books, and wrote multiple versions of my essays, mostly on my own — because I didn’t have help from a parent or other adult. I spent countless hours reading essay examples and breaking them down into the components that made them flow well; I brainstormed, pre-wrote, wrote and re-wrote, edited, and then wrote some more. I studied how the best essay examples were able to convey a persuasive and desirable message about the applicant, and I made sure my essays did the same.

In other words, I figured out what worked.

I then applied these lessons to my own essays, which were a key factor in getting me into my undergraduate school of choice, my transfer school, and my graduate institution.  I can help you do the same.

My Experience:

I currently work as a Reader at a test scoring facility, where I score 11th grade essays on reading comprehension and persuasive writing.   I read and score several hundred essays per day.

I’ve seen the best and I’ve seen the worst, and I can tell you that when a student writes persuasively and well, it really stands out. 

If you want help crafting a stellar college admissions essay that enhances your chances of getting into the school of your choice, please check out the “My Services” page here on this blog, and let’s get started!   

And for more of my background, feel free to keep reading!

My professional writing career:

  • PR Director for King’s English Advertising and Public Relations, where I wrote and edited web content, newsletter copy, fact sheets, press releases and case studies.
  • Current writer for a Chicago-based real estate blog
  • Current writer/editor and creator of Wine & Walnuts, a food and wine blog
  • Test scorer since 2007 for Meas., Inc., where I score 11th grade essays for persuasive writing

My education:

  • M.A. in Latin American Studies, University of New Mexico 
  • B.A. in English, Fordham University

I would love to help you craft a compelling college application essay that helps get you into the school of your choice.  If you think I can help mentor you through your essay writing process, please visit the My Services page for more information!

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